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Programs and Offerings

Even with the big vision and motivation my clients still find themselves second guessing themselves, lacking clarity, and unsure what steps to take next. That is why I developed a series of programs, trainings and retreats to help my clients find deeper trust in themselves and their path; so they can create and live their dream lives. 


Sacred Empowerment Course: 3 Steps to Deeper Trust

This is an introductory 9-week program that is offered online and can be done at your own pace.


"Road To Know Where"
1-1 Clarity Coaching Call

This call supports you in figuring out the next steps in your vision, so you stay consistent on your path. This is a one hour call for support and clarity.

$2,000 - $5,000

Sacred Empowerment Retreats

Learn to trust yourself over an incredible weekend intensive in a dreamy location. Ignite and deepen your intuition, connect with your internal compass, align with your purpose & create your dream life. Retreats are held in a sacred locations all over the world. Private and small group. Click on  link for information on the latest retreat.


Sacred Empowerment School
and Certification

This work is about creating ripples of positive change. Once you have gained the trust and clarity, gain skills to teach others how to find Sacred Empowerment; so they can create and live their dream life too. This 6 month program certifies you in The Sacred Empowerment Method.

Prices Vary

1-1 Sacred Clearing Session & Mini Retreat

This is a  customized 1-1 retreat at Enchanted Bear Canyon, my private retreat center in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Come spend the weekend for an intuitive intensive. Come cleanse and connect with your higher self & gain clarity on how you can create and live your dream life.


Ignite Your Intuition: Sacred Empowerment Kit

Self-care kit carefully curated to help you on your journey to deep self trust and having what you desire. This kit includes gifts, wares and products from women entrepreneurs and sacred tools to enhance your journey.

Programs and Offerings: Packages & Rates
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