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Finally, a coaching program that helps you ignite your INTUITION & your MISSION. So you can create your dream life!

9 Month Coaching Program: Welcome

Is this you?

  • You know that you have a big purpose ready to be unleashed. 

  • You are ready to grow to the next level. 

  • You get overwhelmed with just the thought of reaching your lofty goals on your own.

  • You have a big vision; like a dream business, social impact project, retreat center, or non profit.

  • You just know you are playing small at the moment.

  • You have a message you know needs to get out there, yet you second guess your inner knowing.

  • You are typically successful at anything you do but you are ready for more fulfillment and purpose. 

  • You know you need to get crystal clear on where you put your energy so you can create something impactful.

  • You desire support in reaching your goals so you can reach them faster and with more clarity. 

9 Month Coaching Program: About

I get it!

You are already successful love, but you know there is a bigger purpose for you.

You know you are here to make a difference. You have big dreams and know you can't do it alone.

Playing small, self-doubt & second guessing yourself are holding you back.


My degree, coaching certifications and decades worth of experience all help me achieve my goals, but the number one thing that has allowed me to:

  • buy my land and growing retreat center as a single mom 10 years ago

  • attract my soulmate and have our dream wedding

  • buy four investment properties with my love

  • not think twice about donating to my favorite causes or friend in need

  • host dreamy intuitive and transformational retreats in enchanted New Mexico

  • replace my 9-5 with a profitable & impactful coaching practice

  • get paid to help people fine tune their intuition so they can live their dream lives

Is by deeply TRUSTING my intuition & purpose. 

9 Month Coaching Program: Text

Our unique process is essential in laying the groundwork for creating a clear pathway towards your goals.

9 Month Coaching Program: Quote

The Process

Bathtub and Candle


The first step in igniting your intuition, so you can LIVE YOUR DREAM, is Cleanse. You must purify your mind, body and space to create a clear channel. We live in a toxic world with so much noise. Other people's opinions, expectations and our own limiting beliefs hold us back from our own inner truth. Doesn't the thought of letting all that go already feel lighter?

Bouquet of Flowers


The second step in igniting your intuition and GETTING MORE OF WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, is called Court. Courting is the first step in building any relationship. Guess what, the same applies to the relationship with your higher self! In order to receive guidance from your higher self or Spirit you must build that healthy relationship. Sound good?

Writing a Journal


The third step in igniting your intuition and CREATING YOUR DREAM LIFE is Clarify. Clarity is the most important step in taking intentional actions towards your dreams. This phase is all about receiving clear inner guidance. You have an inner compass that knows exactly what to do! Love it, right?

9 Month Coaching Program: Services
9 Month Coaching Program: Image
Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

This 9 month program is designed to help you birth your vision with deep trust, clarity and confidence.

9 Month Coaching Program: FAQ

Weekly Group Coaching

Stay focused on creating your vision with weekly support and high level coaching.

Online School

Learn with ease in our simple to use online school. Access the content on your schedule so the process feels fun, easy and clear.

Online Community

Connect with like minded mission driven and motivated community. Our collective is for visionaries, entrepreneurs, CEO's, creatives, healers & coaches.


Our Agenda

First Trimester: Cleanse

-Cleanse Your Energy 

-Clear Negative Thoughts &

  Core Negative Beliefs

-Let Go of Expectations 

-Forgiveness Challenge 

Second Trimester: Court

-Create Sacred Space

-Connect with Spirit 

-Meditation and Activations 

Third Trimester: Clarify

-Clarify for Intentional Action

-Ethics and Values of Your Vision

-Cycles of Change 

-Clear Boundaries, Dreams and Goals

-Cultivate Faith and Trust 

9 Month Coaching Program: Image
9 Month Coaching Program: Testimonials

Jodie Hoffman, NTP - Foundational Wellness

 These past 9 months have been such a period of growth and healing. I feel so inspired and ignited 🔥. Last week, I was able to sit and be at peace without the ring of anxiety in my head for the first time in well over a year. 

It’s been a combination of working with you all and also doing the work within myself. The support was much needed, but I feel so much more ready to be a support person for other women who are in need ❤️ Thanks to all of you for your openness, honesty and everything. I am excited and feel pretty darn amazing.

 Become a PRO at listening to your inner knowing and trusting YOURSELF, so you stay focused & clear.

Be EMPOWERED to ignite your big mission.

Take CONFIDENT and CLEAR action towards your dream vision. Learn the cycles of change so you can plan and implement with intention.

Get CLEAR on your purpose & FEEL connected, powerful & inspired.

9 Month Coaching Program: List

Feel supported, clear and focused while taking the next big leap towards what you deeply desire.

9 Month Coaching Program: Quote

I already know this is for me!

Thanks for submitting!

9 Month Coaching Program: Contact

That's not all...

 BONUS Day Retreat in New Mexico 

Celebrate your success and keep the momentum going!

Yoga by the Pool
9 Month Coaching Program: Text
9 Month Coaching Program: Pro Gallery
High Res Headshot_edited.jpg

“The real secret to having all that you desire is trusting yourself.

You have an internal compass called intuition that can guide you to your dream life.

Now, let that sink in. ”

Salt Mama- Rachael

9 Month Coaching Program: Quote
9 Month Coaching Program: Text
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