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🌺 Join us for the "Couples Connection" Retreat in Hawai'i!

April 4th -10th 2024

We're excited to invite you to our upcoming adventure on the enchanting Big Island of Hawai'i.

During our time together, you'll delve into an exploration of connection in its purest form. Engage in activities on this magical island that will deepen your bond with your partner, fortify your connection to the island's powerful energy, and ignite your spirituality.

This retreat promises to be unlike any other, leaving you with a profound connection to your higher self, a renewed sense of adventure, lifelong friendships, and heightened intimacy that will illuminate your relationship.

The land (A'ina) where our retreat unfolds is a sanctuary of sacred energy, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of energetic portals, guardian rainbow eucalyptus trees, bamboo forests, vast ocean views, and breathtaking waterfalls. It's essential to note that all waterfalls on the Big Island are on private land, making this retreat a rare opportunity to experience their healing waters.

Save the Dates and embark on this extraordinary journey of connection, spirituality, and transformation.

Upcoming Retreats: Packages & Rates
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